C&D Trading will soon be introducing it new custom designed Filet Knife! Assembled in the U.S.A. with a Premium Cork Handle…… and it floats! It is made with a premium stainless steel blade and a one of a kind Cork handle. We started its development a couple years ago. It has been field tested in top restaurants, local butcher shops, and of course, by professional hunting and fishing guides in Alaska, Portugal, and Tasmania. Each handle is hand crafted by a leading custom fly rod craftsman, veteran, and a close personal friend of mine. Together we pioneered catch and release before it was even a mainstream concept. However, even the purist must have the occasional shore lunch on opening day! Not only do these knives float, they make filleting fish fun again…..if that’s possible. As our customers know, C&D offers only the best products for its customers and we stand behind each and every item we sell.

Christ J Kishish Founder/CEO
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Hector Leoni has been a friend of mine for 35 years. After Family, Fly Fishing has been his life. We have fished half way around the world together, and we are both looking forward to fishing the other half soon! Hector has caught and released some of the largest German Brown Trout in all of Argentina. As he always teases me, “My 35 year old Cork Handle is in better shape than you are”.

Give us a try, we will not disappoint you. We’ve only been doing this for 42 years. We have many more price points to fit your needs. Take a peek at our new C1-R Handles. These handles are super clean and have great pricing.

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